A couple steals one of Spain’s best restaurants as part of a one-of-a-kind wine collection

A couple steals one of Spain's best restaurants as part of a one-of-a-kind wine collection

This included a 215-year-old Château d’Yquem bottle, which is already in the catalog for 350 thousand euros. Six precious bottles from the 19th century also disappeared from the house of Romani Conti.

The wine is so special that it is impossible to market it. That is why the owners of the Atrio restaurant in Caceres are convinced that they are thieves who acted on behalf of the collector.

Employees are dismissed

The suspected robbery couple spoke English and likely distracted the waiting staff by taking extensive orders from the menu. It is said that the spouses of the spouses managed to get into the wine cellar, where more than 40 thousand bottles are stored.

He must have been goal oriented out there and knew exactly what he wanted, says one of the owners. “The bottles are all numbered. That bottle from 1806 is unique, and everyone in the business knows it’s our bottle.”

The total volume of the loot could not be determined, he says, because many of the bottles also represented mainly symbolic value. Meanwhile, the Caceres police launched an investigation.

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