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The new update allows Xbox Series X | S installs up to two Quick Resume games. This way, players can seamlessly switch between games faster, without having to search for them on the home page.

The update allows Xbox Series users to install up to two Quick Resume games on their consoles. Only installed games will disappear from Quick Resume if you delete them manually or if the game undergoes a mandatory update, Microsoft explains† If you have already installed two games, you will be asked which pin you want to replace.

Xbox Series X Quick Resume Pins |  S.

Another tweak that comes with the update is the ability to give the share button a different function, such as muting the TV or opening the friends list. A new audio setting is also available, whereby audio devices with an HDMI connection can be tested.

Additionally, Microsoft has rolled out a firmware update for Xbox One controllers with support for Bluetooth, Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, and Xbox Adaptive Controllers. This should, among other things, improve the performance of the consoles. A firmware update is available for Xbox and Windows consoles.

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