“All Russian elite units were killed” | BNR News Radio

“All Russian elite units were killed” |  BNR News Radio
international3 Sep 23 at 11:00author: Julian Verbeek

Russia sent elite forces to Ukraine’s southern front to stop the Ukrainian army’s advance. This was reported by the Institute for War Research. Professor of War Studies Frans Osenga qualifies him. “The elite units from the beginning of the war are no longer there because of the war and they are all dead.”

BNR lists the most important news about the war in Ukraine this week so you can be fully informed.

Professor of War Studies, Frans Osinga, says: “The elite units since the beginning of the war no longer exist because of the war and they have all died.” (Afghan National Police Agency/Abaca Press)

Osenga admits that the “elite units” that Russia is now sending to the front are “better units than the average conscript unit.” According to him, these forces are deployed to prevent Ukraine from breaching the defense line.

And according to both the Ukrainian armed forces and Russian military bloggers, they don’t seem to be succeeding. The Ukrainians broke through the tough Russian defense line in the south and retook the town of Robotyn. “Ukraine has chosen its own strategy precisely because of the very strong undermining of the entire region,” says Patrick Boulder, a defense specialist from the Hague Center for Strategic Studies.


Professor of War Studies Frans Osinga from Leiden University says that the victory in the small village of Robotyn, with a population of less than 500 people, is an important victory for Ukraine. “Because this is on the way to other, bigger, more important places.” In this way, Ukraine also demonstrated its ability to penetrate the Russians’ first line of defense. That took some time. They are taking advantage of this Paid.’

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It must be so, says foreign commentator Bernard Hammelburg. Whether to continue fighting or negotiating is closely linked to countries’ willingness to invest money. Sooner or later this will stop, and you can already see the signs that the willingness to finance is declining. This leads to greater calls for negotiations. But when you come to one cease-fireN, so Russia won.

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