February 7, 2023

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Albert Verlind under fire for "betraying" Rick Inglis

Albert Verlind under fire for “betraying” Rick Inglis

Albert Verlind has not been popular with some celebrities. They attacked him because he was said to have “betrayed” stage maker Rick Inglis. Inglis is under fire for millions of euros of Corona support he received for a musical that hasn’t launched (yet).

Competitive music producer Verlinde appears to have played an important role in the wake of the case. Because although at first it’s a letter from Nordholland Dagblad This was what started the case, it was also Ferlind who raised the case.

The theater maker and member of the VVD council in Vught municipality provided his contacts in the national faction with information on the case, after which the VVD group requested clarification in the Chamber of Deputies.

Albert Verlinde finds the situation in the musical “Engels” ‘strange’

What was that again? I wrote a few weeks ago The Nordholland Dagblad That the Engelkes-owned Waterfront Entertainment received 4.3 million euros in Corona support for a musical theatre, while that musical did not take off at all. The newspaper said it was not clear what happened to the money.

A week later, Inglis was able to move in Rain resident Give a little explanationThis left the talk show host and viewers frustrated. “With Rick Engelkes, the weird story is that he didn’t have a production. No tickets were sold and the theater didn’t even allow it. If you then get 4.3 million transferred, that’s weird,” Verlinde previously attacked his rival Engelkes in Show news.

“I will never fix my colleagues’

But now Ferlind has to take it upon herself from her former colleagues. They think that the whistleblower about the rival Inglix is ​​a sewing trick. This is what Rob Geus says in his book a story That “colleagues should not be treated this way.” Johan Flemex, better known from Feestpartij, is also critical. “I will never slap a colleague.”

But there is also an understanding of Verlind’s work. Because he especially took the lead in lobbying for more Corona support for the cultural sector. So he finds it particularly bad if there is a misuse of crowd money and as a result his career appears negatively in the news.

Rick Engelkes’ “Pocket Stuffing” Explained About Millions of Corona Support Is Bad For Viewers

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Albert Verlind under fire for “betraying” Rick Inglis

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