January 31, 2023

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BBB is on the rise, and the coalition parties are having a hard time

BBB is on the rise, and the coalition parties are having a hard time


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In the latest polling guide, BoerBurgerBeweging, now represented with one seat in the House of Representatives, posted more gains. Where’s the party A month ago It has already reached from 9 to 13 seats, and that number has risen to 14 to 19.

This makes the BBB in polling index, a weighted average of seat polls I&O ResearchAnd the Ipsos / AToday And the qintar, the same size as the PVV (14 to 18 seats) and the D66 (13 to 17 seats). It is clearly larger than other well-established parties such as GroenLinks (9-13), PvdA (8-12), SP (7-9) and CDA (6-10).

VVD drops 7 seats back

The only party that remains prominent is the VVD, although it has had to give up more ground in recent months, like most other coalition parties. Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s party now has between 24 and 29 seats, which is about 7 seats down from the current number in the House of Representatives.

According to research by I&O Research and Ipsos/EenVandaag, VVD is losing seats to the BBB, among other things, just like the CDA. To a lesser degree, both parties also see voters moving to other right-wing parties such as JA21, which is also in the plus category with 5 to 9 seats. The BBB still makes the most money among people who didn’t vote in last year’s election.

According to political scientist Tom Lowers, creator of the poll index, the available research shows that not only do converts appreciate Van der Plas’ leadership, but the BBB is also explicitly benefiting from the nitrogen crisis, which currently dominates the political agenda. “It will be interesting to see what happens if interest in this drops again and, for example, immigration becomes a major issue again. It is an issue that right-wing voters associate more with parties like PVV, Forum for Democracy and JA21.”

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Another continuing trend is the decline in support for three of the four coalition parties. Only ChristenUnie managed to avoid this, with 5 to 7 seats.

Among the left/progressive parties, the Animals Party does well with 8 to 10 seats. Volt comes out from 2 to 5, think 2 to 4 and Bij1 from 0 to 2.

At the other end of the political spectrum, the FVD loses 3 to 5 seats, the SGP also gets 3 to 5 and 50Plus remains stable at 0 to 2.