Albanian sworn in as Prime Minister two days after Australia elections | abroad

Albanian sworn in as Prime Minister two days after Australia elections |  abroad

Anthony Albanese was sworn in as Australia’s new prime minister on Monday. It happened just two days after the elections and before the final results were known. For example, it is not yet certain whether the 59-year-old Labor leader can count on an absolute majority.

Albania’s swift swearing-in as the country’s 31st Prime Minister was tied to his first position as head of government. After taking the oath on Monday, he traveled to Tokyo, Japan, for its first international summit. The summit, called the Quartet, is traditionally held between the leaders of Australia, the United States, Japan and India.

In addition to the Albanians, Richard Marles, the new Secretary of Labor, Katie Gallagher, the new Secretary of the Treasury, and Penny Wong, the new Secretary of State, were sworn in in Canberra. Wong, who was born in Malaysia and raised in Australia, will become the first Australian-born Foreign Minister.

Climate change

After being sworn in, Albany vowed to steer Australia more toward renewable energy. Climate has been one of the major electoral issues in the country, which has been hit by massive wildfires and floods in recent years. An Albanian said it would abide by it.

Current Conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison, a staunch supporter of the coal industry, has been criticized in recent years for the lack of action on climate change and his government’s response to severe flooding earlier this year.

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