Agricultural exports cross the 100 billion euro barrier | Financial

Agricultural exports cross the 100 billion euro barrier |  Financial

This is evidenced by the Dutch Statistics (CBS) and Wageningen University and Research (WUR). This is the sixth consecutive agricultural export record. Incidentally, agricultural imports grew even faster, by 9.9% to €72.5 billion, bringing the trade surplus to €32.2 billion, the highest value ever measured.

Agricultural exports increased last year by 9 billion euros over the previous year. Both the volume of exports and prices increased, but the increase in prices was slightly higher than the volume growth.

Of the €104.7 billion worth of exports, €75.7 billion comes from Dutch-made products and the rest from re-exports of foreign agricultural goods. The Dutch economy generated an estimated €46.1 billion in agricultural exports last year.

However, Dutch farmers stay close to home with their produce. A quarter of exports (26.3 billion euros) go to Germany. Belgium with a 12% share, France and the UK (both 8%).

Britain’s exit from the European Union

Exports to the UK are in the doldrums. This is not because Dutch farmers can no longer store their holdings there, but because the re-export of agricultural goods to the UK has fallen by more than a third. Since January 1 last year, due to import duties, it has become more attractive to transport goods from outside the EU directly to the UK rather than via the Netherlands.

The Dutch agricultural sector faced few problems with Britain’s exit from the European Union last year. Dutch agricultural exports increased by 14%. This year will probably be different, because there are now customs controls on animal and plant products.


Flowers and plants remain the best-selling agricultural products outside along the street. In 2021, 12 billion euros worth of ornamental horticultural products were exported, which is a quarter more than in Corona 2020. The increase in the value of exports is mainly due to higher prices.

9.1 billion euros of meat was exported, an increase of 7%. Only pork exports saw a decline. Pork demand from China fell sharply as the country resumed pork production after the country was hit by an outbreak of African swine fever.

Dairy and egg exports rose 5% to €8.7 billion. Remarkably, by the way, the import of butter here has also increased, since we get an additional quarter from Ireland.

Potato and vegetable exports show a cautious growth of around 2% to reach €7.2 billion. Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are the main export products.

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