Age plays a role in relationships, and this is the “perfect” age difference.

Age plays a role in relationships, and this is the "perfect" age difference.

“Age is just a number” and “Love knows no age” soon sounds when an acquaintance or yourself falls in love with an older partner. And while love often knows no bounds, research shows that age difference can play a role in a relationship. The numbers infer that the chance of success may depend on the age difference. There’s also the “ideal” age difference for a relationship.

First of all, there are, of course, couples who have managed to maintain a healthy relationship despite the huge age difference. For example, writer Helen Van Rooyen (58) recently proved it, now that she and her “little boy” Bart Meldejk (36) have been together for 10 years. But science also looked at the minimum age for love and came to different conclusions.

Find age difference in relationships

British independent write about Study from Emory University in Atlanta. Researchers have shown that the greater the age difference, the greater the chance of divorce. Speaking of divorces, did you know that most divorces happen after 7-8 years? subway Previously wrote about why.

Back to the age difference search. For this purpose, 3,000 people were analyzed and it turned out that couples with an age difference of five years were 18 percent more likely to break up than couples of the same age.

The perfect age difference?

This percentage increased with the increase in age difference. In couples with a 10-year age difference, the chance of separation increased by 39 percent. What are the main results? With an age difference of 20 years, couples were found to be 95 percent more likely to break up.

But is there also an “ideal” age difference? According to science, yes. Researchers have found that an age difference of just one year is the most beneficial for a relationship. There was only a 3 percent chance of separation.

Turns out, “bounce back” after a breakup isn’t so bad and here’s why

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According to research, age plays a role in relationships and this seems to be the “ideal” age difference.

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