Again crowds on the road due to holiday traffic

Again crowds on the road due to holiday traffic

This weekend (August 13-14) it will again be very busy on European roads due to traffic departing and returning during the holidays.

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France forecast

This weekend (13-14 August) it will be very busy on French roads again. Saturday will be the busiest day.
Busy roads are:
A 7 Lyon – Orange, A 9 orange – spanish border, A 10 / A 63 Paris – Poitiers – Bordeaux – Spanish border, A 71 / A 75 Orleans – Clermont-Ferrand – Beziers.
The road through central France via A 20 Verizon-Limoges-Toulouse was less busy this past weekend.
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Germany forecast

Once again it will be tight on German motorways this weekend. Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon you have the greatest chance of traffic jams.
Most delays are expected to occur in:
A1 / A7 near Hamburg, A3 Würzburg – Frankfurt – Cologne, A 7 Würzburg – Ulm – Vossen, A 8 Munich – Salzburg.
Roadworks (900) cause additional delays.
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Austria forecast

On Austrian roads, it is again very crowded due to holiday traffic.
He will be particularly busy in:
A10 / 11 Salzburg – Villach – Ljubljana, A 12 / A 13 Kufstein – Innsbruck – Brenner, B179 Fosun Nasret.
In Austria, apply in the summer in the federal states of Tyrol and Salzburg
Driving ban. Traffic is not allowed on and around the main road on weekends to avoid traffic jams.
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Switzerland forecast

In Switzerland it is very crowded on Friday and Saturday due to the holiday traffic. Tuesday is the best travel day. The jams this weekend are: A 2 Basel – Chiasso, near the Gotthard and Chiasso tunnel, A 13 Creek – Bellinzona, in the San Bernardino Tunnel.
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Italy forecast

In Italy, especially on Saturdays, it is very crowded with traffic during the holidays, but there are also traffic jams in the north and south on Sundays.
The busiest routes this weekend are:
A 1 Milan – Florence, A4 Milan – Trieste, A 14 Bologna – Ancona, A 22 Brenner Pass – Verona.
Due to road traffic, only 500 places will be worked in Italy in the coming period instead of 1000 places for summer vacation.
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