June 2, 2023

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After the blue and gray variant, Twitter now also comes with a gold checkmark |  Technique

After the blue and gray variant, Twitter now also comes with a gold checkmark | Technique

In addition to the blue and gray checkmark for verification, Twitter will also introduce a gold checkmark, owner Elon Musk announced Friday. He said. It is scheduled to be shown next Friday.

Twitter made blue ticks available for a fee earlier this month. Users have greatly abused this by creating fake profiles. So the service was cut off again.

Musk expects to be able to reintroduce the subscription service next week. Some modifications have been made. For example, companies receive a gold check mark, government agencies receive a gray check mark, and individuals receive a blue check mark.

According to Musk, all orders are manually checked before checkmarks are activated. In fact, the subscription service should have been available again last week. “Sorry for the delay,” he wrote in a tweet.

Musk, the richest man in the world, faces a slew of challenges with his new buy. Since he took over, many major companies have stopped advertising on Twitter.

Musk has reportedly already warned Twitter employees of possible bankruptcy. To cut costs, he has already fired half of the staff and sent the entire board of directors away.

The billionaire announced last week that former President Donald Trump may return to the platform. The same goes for other accounts that have been permanently banned. Welcome back from next week.

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