After Finland, TeamNL also defeated strong USA in the Davis Cup final

TeamNL also won the second match of Group D of the Davis Cup finals. The U.S. beat Finland 2-1 on Tuesday and were edged out by the same scoreline after a day’s rest.

Just like on the first match day, Bottic van de Sandsulp kicked things off at the Arena Kribe Sports Center in Split. He met America’s number two in a man named Tommy Ball. The American is ranked 13th in the world, which shows how strong their team is.

After his loss against Otto Virtanen on the opening day, Van de Santsulp got the perfect revenge by defeating Paul in straight sets: 7-6(2) 6-2.

Van de Santsulp played one of his best games of the season. Enjoying the support of his teammates and Orange fans in the raucous stands.

Serving the game was a little more difficult. It was not until the fifth match point that the job was done. Afterward, van de Santsulp said it had been a while since he was allowed to serve for a game-winner, so it took some getting used to.

The Greek path is decisive
Talon gave Greek Spur a 1-0 lead Encouragement He could use it well against Frances Tiafoe. The US captain is currently ranked 11th.

Griekpoor came out of the opening blocks and immediately broke Tiafoe. He maintained the lead he had built until the end of the set: 6-3.

The second game must be decided on a tiebreak. The American quickly took a 5-1 lead, but the Dutch leader fought back well. At 8-7, the Greek spur had to capitulate and they could prepare for a decisive third set.

The decision appeared to be sealed when the strong-serving Greek track broke his opponent for 3-1, but Tiafoe immediately repaired the damage after one game.

The match reached its climax as this set too had to be decided in a tiebreak. This time Greek Spur took an immediate lead.

What should have been a climax turned out to be an anticlimax.

In a thrilling final, Griekpoor hit first serve in the tiebreak for 5-2, which was declared by the line judge. The Challenge Griekpoorin upheld the assessment and the referee awarded the point to the Netherlands as Tiafoe returned to the net.

Despite complaints from the American captain and Tiafoe, the referee stood by his decision. Tiafoe couldn’t take it and broke his racket on the hard court. The American already had a warning as he hit a ball into the stands out of frustration earlier in the game, which meant a free point for his opponent.

So there was no need to play a match point, and the Greek track won 6-3 6-7(7) 7-6(2). The president also assured that TeamNL will win the meeting with USA. How much depends on the doubles game alone.

The twins decide the final result
Wesley Koolhoff and Matvey Middelkoop played against Rajeev Ram and Austin Krajicek. The American top seed defeated Croatia’s Ivan Todic and Matt Pavic in a high-profile match a day earlier.

Taking a 2-0 lead, the Dutch doubles players played freely. They needed exactly an hour to decide the opening set 7-5 in a tiebreak.

There was not a single service break in the second game, resulting in a tiebreak. Now the Americans won 7-3.

In the deciding set, Krajicek and Ram maintained their momentum and took the first service game from Koolhoff and Middlekoop. The gap closed and the Americans took the set 6-3 and won: 6-7(5) 7-6(3) 6-3.

The final score was set at 2-1 for the Netherlands.

On Sunday, TeamNL will play their last group game against Croatia at 3pm. The host nation lost to the United States on Wednesday and faces Finland on Friday, which also faces the United States on Saturday.

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