After bushfires, flood warning now in Australia

After bushfires, flood warning now in Australia

A large cold front has brought winds and heavy rain to the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. Parts of Victoria have already received 150mm of rain. More rain is expected, especially in the Gippsland region.

According to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, “water levels in rivers in the region are rising rapidly.” The Macalister River in Gippsland has already burst its banks. The Weather Institute expects this to happen in more rivers.

According to the news agency Reuters Emergency services rescued a farmer in the area who became trapped after driving through floodwaters. Victoria’s chief emergency services officer has previously warned of the danger. “Do not attempt to drive through flash flood waters, as this may be the last decision you make,” Tim Weibush said.

Several bushfires have broken out in the Gippsland region in recent days. Residents of several villages and towns had to be evacuated. The fire destroyed at least one house. Rain helps put out the fire, but at the same time it brings new problems.

Australia has experienced its warmest winter in more than a hundred years. The spring started warm, sparking several wildfires.

The combination of El Niño and climate change increases the risk of wildfires.

We explain exactly what the El Niño phenomenon is in this video:

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