AEX wins by heel on the trench; The main role of ready meals | Financial

AEX wins by heel on the trench;  The main role of ready meals |  Financial

After a cycle of spikes, the AEX index closed 0.1% higher at 771.5 points. The AMX rose 0.7% to a record high of 11,021 points.

“There isn’t a lot going on in the markets today,” says macroeconomist Stefan Koopmann (Rabobank). The good news, he says, is that the numbers show that US industrial production is growing, while retail sales appear to be slightly past their peak. “This will balance the economy a little bit more.”

“Hint from Fed Chair Powell”

Tonight, investors will be briefed on the minutes of the meeting of the Federal Reserve, the US central banking system. They hope to find more clues in the Fed’s future interest rate policy.

However, Koopman expects the Fed minutes to produce no surprises. He takes into account that Central Bank Chairman Jerome Powell will hint at next week’s annual meeting in Jackson Hole that the Fed will be less stimulating to the economy. “If Powell doesn’t do that next week, we would expect him to indicate in September that the Fed will move to ‘tapering’ sometime in the fall.”

In New Zealand, the central bank kept interest rates unchanged at 0.25% on Wednesday. Economists expected New Zealand to be the first country in the Asia-Pacific region to raise interest rates since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. However, due to the new lockdown in the country, the Central Bank decided to leave the interest rate unchanged.

In AEX go Just eat takeaway Comfortably in the lead with an increase of 5.3%. The meal delivery company actually rose sharply on Tuesday after its publication Half year results.

Positives It posted a gain of 1.9%. The tech investor is benefiting from better-than-expected quarterly numbers from its Chinese subsidiary Tencent, which indicates strong demand for games. Tencent is also seeing ad revenue growth.

Lighting product Signify (-0.7%) performs the least well among the major funds. Unilever The grade closed down 1.4%.

Action – (-0.1%) Exit after three years real estate country. The bank transfers its majority stake to the managers of the online broker. Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

Sit in the AMX TKH Back on the rise with a racing jump 6,4% The tech group went up on Tuesday after that Better than expected half year numbers.

The charging station manufacturer’s price gains are also amazing The genies (+3.2%). The State Council gave the green light to Electric car charging stations at gas stations along the highway. Most of the objections to this are from the express shipping company fasted (-0.7%) They refused.

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