Adopter Rowan Veltman is also hoping to have an adoption story in GTST

Adopter Rowan Veltman is also hoping to have an adoption story in GTST

Mats is a new character in the series and makes a big impression as a homeless person in Merdek. For example, Shanti dyed his hair, but ran away without paying for it. He also does not pay for his meal at the BOKS gym café and thus manages to antagonize Rick. However, both characters forgave him when they found out he was homeless. Mats currently lives at Rick’s house.

If it was up to the actor, he would soon be adopted by Shanti, he says during an event questions and answers On Instagram. “I’m also adopted in real life, so it’ll be funny. Because then I’ll just be acting out my own story,” says the actor. He believes the role of Mats was tailor-made for him. “Mats is kind of a less expressive version of who I am.”

He also hopes for a different story: “What I find so fascinating to be able to put on screen is men with an eating problem. I haven’t seen that on TV myself.”

Rawan is no stranger to the world of television. He will participate in 2022 Holland’s got talent To put both the Frisian language and gender diversity on the map. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re gay, trans, bisexual or trans. You have to feel accepted,” Rowan said during his audition while wearing high heels. Thanks to the golden buzzer from jury member Edson da Graça, Rouen reached the final, which he unfortunately lost to the CDK JR dance group.

You can watch his performance look here.

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