Actress Leslie Jordan dies at the age of 67 after a car accident

Actress Leslie Jordan dies at the age of 67 after a car accident

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American actress Leslie Jordan died in a traffic accident. He drove into a building in Hollywood this morning (US time) and died instantly. It is not yet clear whether the accident led to his death or whether he became unwell before. Jordan is 67 years old.

“The world is a darker place without the love and light of Leslie Jordan,” the actor’s agent said in a statement. “Realizing that he left the world at the height of his professional and personal life is the only solace we can get today.”

The actor has been working in Hollywood since the 80s, and in the past 40 years he has starred in more than 130 series and films. He was praised for his roles in the TV series american horror story And the Will & Grace. Jordan won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series in 2006 for his contribution to the final series. He also starred in famous films such as Help And the vile life.

In those years, the actor also grew into an icon for gay people. Jordan, for example, has increased the visibility of gay actors in Hollywood with his roles. During the AIDS pandemic, he worked for non-profit organizations that advocated for the care of people living with HIV.


In recent years, Jordan’s fame has moved to Instagram, where he posted funny videos during the pandemic. This earned him nearly six million followers.

In the videos, he told stories about his childhood in Tennessee (where he grew up) and his life in Hollywood with the camera on a selfie stand. In other videos he sang or participated in TikTok challenges.

Yesterday he posted the last post on Instagram, in which he sings a song. There are now over 30,000 comments under the message, mostly from fans thanking him for his work.

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