Apple raises prices for Music, TV + and One subscriptions immediately – Update – IT Pro – News

Edk, but they’re gone now.

Personally, I think 9.99 is too expensive. I only use it a little bit, I think at most an hour or 10-15 a month. (And that’s at most, I’m usually much less than that). This is why this tenner is so much.

What I do now is always cancel, after which I will receive a 3 month offer for 9.99 in 2 months. This can be done. I will get through these two months with the announcement. But it will be more convenient if they have a subscription cheaper than 5 euros for example with a time limit of 20-30 hours per month. Then I will stay there.

By the way, I also tried Apple Music (I got a 6-month free trial because I bought a HomePod Mini). But that really disappointed me, there is no open source playback app and only plays the middle of each song in the browser :? Mid 1 minute 30 if I remember correctly. It seems that the OS/Browser combo is not well supported (Firefox on FreeBSD). I canceled it after 2 months because it didn’t help me at all. I never play anything on my home machine anyway, it’s just for voice control of my home assistant.

I also tried Deezer, which worked in the browser but often started to stutter and often missed numbers, so I quickly finished it.

For Spotify, the open source client spotify-qt already requires a paid subscription so I don’t always use it either.

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