Actor Stanley Tucci: I’ve been tube-fed for 6 months | stars

Actor Stanley Tucci: I've been tube-fed for 6 months |  stars

Tucci’s first wife Kate died in 2009 of breast cancer, leaving him a widower with their children. After his diagnosis, the actor was initially strongly against chemotherapy and radiation. “I saw what it did to my wife at the time, and then decided to never do it. It was horrible to watch from the sidelines. But the tumor I had was too big to have surgery, so I had to succumb to other treatments.”

The actor was particularly concerned about the effect this would have on his children. “It was really big, but it was tough. I was tube fed for 6 months because I couldn’t eat. Fortunately the treatments went well and the cancer is unlikely to come back. But you never know.”

A few years after his wife’s death, Tucci married Felicity Blunt, the sister of actress Emily Blunt with whom Tucci starred in the film. The devil wears a hoodie. Although the two are very happy with their children, his first wife’s grief never goes away. “No, sadness isn’t something that just stops. That would be madness, because then it seems like that person doesn’t matter anymore. But at the same time I know Kate would love nothing more than to go on with my life and find happiness again. And that’s what I did with Felicity.” “.

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