Actor Amsterdam Mike Ho Sam Sue has passed away, 69.

Actor Amsterdam Mike Ho Sam Sue has passed away, 69.

Actor Mike Ho Sam Sue passed away on Friday at the age of 69. He became known in the 1980s thanks to his roles in popular TV series, which made him one of the first actors of Surinamese origin who were known to the general public at the time.

Ho-Sam-Sooi was born in Paramaribo in 1954 and moved to the Netherlands in the mid-1970s. He saw his breakthrough with roles in, among others West Medical Center (1988), Then happiness was very common (1994), Good times bad times (1996), The Golden coast (1996), Pantegir (1998).

It was quite an achievement at a time when few Surinamese actors could be seen on TV. “Because there are so few of us,” he said in 1994, “we run the risk of appearing in soap operas too often.” Green Amsterdam. Then the makers of the program get something like: ‘We know this head now.’ “Our blackheads are already noticeable in TV series. And I think white actors or actresses are less affected by that.”

Ho-Sam-Sooi has also had a long track record in the world of theater and music, with roles in Dirty Dancing (2008-2009), Amandla! Mandela (2016) and The Bodyguard (2016-2017).

Ho-Sam-Sooi had a candid conversation with AT5 in 2019 about the loss of his 7-year-old son Ramesses, who died in an SLM plane crash in 1989. Along with his friend Glenn Durfort (who lost his mother in the plane) Ho-Sam-Sooi said -Sam-Sooi on the impact of that loss: “The pain of loss remains, but as the years go by the pain often doesn’t come back. Sometimes it isn’t there. Sometimes you think about your son every day.”

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Ho-Sam-Sooi passed away on Friday after a short battle with cancer. He was married to actress Lenique Le Roux and left two children.

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