A World War II soldier’s message delivered after 76 years | abroad

A World War II soldier's message delivered after 76 years |  abroad

This was reported by local television channel Boston 25 News. On December 6, 1945, 22-year-old John Gonsalves wrote a letter to his mother from Bad Orb, Germany.

“We don’t know where the letter was 76 years ago,” a US Postal spokesperson said. “But because of the advanced age of the relatives and the importance to the family history, delivering the message was our top priority.”

Jon Gonçalves’ mother passed away some time ago, and Jon Gonçalves himself also died a few years ago. But the US Post found the address of his widow, Angelina Gonçalves (89), who met the young soldier about five years after the war and shared his life until his death. Just before Gonçalves’ death, the couple celebrated their diamond wedding. They had five children together.

“The food here is unsatisfactory”

Angelina couldn’t believe her eyes when she received the letter from “Juniha” and recognized his handwriting. In front of the local news channel camera I read the letter. “Dear Mum. I got another message from you today. I am glad to hear that everything is going well. I am fine too, I will be fine here. But as far as food is concerned, that is usually not satisfactory.”

“It’s like he’s back”

The Gonsalves family called the United States Postal Service to thank them for delivering the letter after all these years. The letter brought back fond memories of Angelina, who turns 90 this month and once again spent the Christmas season without her beloved husband. “It’s as if he’s back,” she says, holding the letter in her hand. “Really, it’s unbelievable. Oh, he was such a good guy. Everyone loved him.”

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