A woman (57) cries on a rock with no memory who turns out to be a Friends jewelry designer | Abroad

A woman (57) cries on a rock with no memory who turns out to be a Friends jewelry designer |  Abroad

Croatia’s SecretThe identity of the mysterious woman found crying on a rock in Croatia is known. It’s about 57-year-old Slovak jewelry designer Daniela Adamkova who has worked with stars like Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand in the past. Her jewelry collection also appeared in the series friends.

It was a fisherman who discovered the woman on Sunday, September 12, on a rock in a bay in Krk, an island in the Kvarner Bay off the coast of Croatia. Adamkova was injured in the face and was crying. The hunter himself could not reach the rock without danger, and therefore had to warn the police.

Adamcova did not have documents or a phone with her, and she could not tell who she was. I spoke Fluent English. It’s a hard-to-reach part of the bay, with terribly sharp rocks. “It’s like a razor blade that cuts the rubber of your shoes,” one resident told local media.

United States of America

Croatian authorities released a picture of Adamkova last Monday in the hope that someone would identify her. It happened: the police received numerous phone calls from friends and acquaintances who recognized the woman. It turns out that the Slovak lived in Ireland and the United States in recent years. She was a well-known jeweler to many Hollywood stars, especially in the 80s and 90s. Couldn’t remember it all, he writes times.

It is assumed that Adamcova was on vacation in Croatia, but this is under investigation by local authorities. It is still not clear how the designer works and whether she has regained her memory. She is currently in hospital in Rijeka as a precaution.


The island of Krk, with an area of ​​u200bu200bmore than 400 square kilometers, is popular with tourists. A bridge connecting the island to the mainland of Croatia. However, there are still many inhospitable areas, where hardly anyone comes. “No ordinary person can swim in the rock. Then you need extraordinary strength. Moreover, there is hardly any food,” said one of the residents.

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