A US NATO plane crashes in Norway Abroad

A US NATO plane crashes in Norway  Abroad

A US military plane with four people on board crashed in northern Norway. The Norwegian rescue services reported in local media that it happened south of Bodø.

The crew was on a training mission aboard a V-22 Osprey. Bodo was supposed to arrive around 6pm, but it didn’t. The search for the plane finally began. The crash site was found from the air shortly after 9:17 PM. Norwegian Reports Aftenposten† According to the news agency Reuters An emergency signal was sent from the position on the ground.

The status of the crew is unknown at this time. Rescue services are on their way to the site on the ground.

A spokesman for the Norwegian rescue services told the newspaper that the weather was bad in the area. And there’s a good chance the weather will get worse in the near future.

NATO cold response exercise

The US plane participated in the 2022 NATO Cold Response exercise, which began on Monday and will continue until April 1. Thirty thousand soldiers are deployed from 27 countries, including the Netherlands, about 200 aircraft and 50 ships.

The aim is to test how Norway would deal with reinforcements from NATO allies in the event they had to come to the rescue if Russia’s neighboring country was attacked. “It’s a defensive maneuver,” said Norwegian General Yengve Udlow, who leads the cold response team.

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