A trembling Ewout Genemans risks his life in a dark subway tunnel

A trembling Ewout Genemans risks his life in a dark subway tunnel

Ewout wouldn’t be Ewout if it didn’t get to the heart of the rat problem, literally. Armed with courage and curiosity, he goes in with him Urban explorer Visit the city’s dark subway tunnels, searching for the rats that have plagued this city for years.

“Is it dangerous?” Elliot asks, just to be sure. Vic, the veteran adventurer, answers without hesitation that it is “life threatening.” “Trains can pass at any moment and you have no idea when it will happen.”

The men entered the metro station and tried to enter the tunnel without being noticed. Ewout is somewhat hesitant about entering the subway tunnel illegally, but decides to do it anyway. He wants to see with his own eyes where all the mice reside. “New Yorkers want the rats to stay underground, but I want to know how they live there,” Elliott says.

And yes, what they feared happens at that moment: the train is coming. “Quickly, train!” He shouts at you. The men run for their lives as the train approaches.

Fortunately, they found a hiding place in time. Ewout has to recover from all the excitement and fear. “I’m really shaking right now,” he admits. It is enough for the presenter to decide not to proceed further into the tunnel. “We’re really getting out of here,” he says. “I didn’t see a mouse, but I thought it was good.”

iot: Watch it every Tuesday at 8:30pm on RTL 5. Did you miss the episode? You can watch it again on Videoland.

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