June 2, 2023

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A new energy contract costs 4,000 euros more than a year ago |  Currently

A new energy contract costs 4,000 euros more than a year ago | Currently

Anyone who now enters into a new energy contract will spend approximately €6,500 on gas and light on an annual basis. This is 4,000 euros more than last year. This is evidenced by figures from the comparison website Gaslicht.com, requested by NU.nl.

CBS mentioned Inflation in July reached its highest level since 1975. This has to do with the sharp rise in energy prices. This is because the statistical office considers the costs of a new contract.

Figures from gaslicht.com show that the average household energy bill is increasing. Energy prices have risen since May last year, but this trend has been accelerated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. So energy was expensive for months.

“Energy prices have been exceptionally high for seven months. The longer they stay at a high level, the more people will have to deal with this,” says Ben Waldring, founder of Gaslicht.com.

It refers to the ever-increasing proportion of families who no longer have decades old at low rates. This group is already small, and according to Woolding, it’s getting smaller and smaller.

Families with variable contracts also note that they are increasingly adjusted in the interim period due to market developments. Previously, this only happened in January and July. “You feel the events of the world faster in your wallet,” says Waldring.

Energy rates are 3 times higher

As a result, the energy cost component is increasing. “Wholesale prices are now eight to ten times higher than usual. A kilowatt-hour of electricity cost 20 cents last year and this is now 50 to 70 cents. For gas that was 80 cents per cubic meter of gas and those rates are already going up from 2, 50 to 3 euros per cubic meter,” says the founder of Gaslicht.com.

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So the new energy contract is much more expensive than last year. According to the comparison site, for an annual gas and light contract on August 1, it lost an average of €6,466 year-over-year. The reduction of the value-added tax on energy has already been taken into account with this amount. Last year it cost 2,308 euros on the same day. This comparison is based on the average household consumption.

The Institute for Budget Information Nybod recently calculated that more and more families are facing problems via High energy bills. As a result, their buffers are getting smaller and smaller. To accommodate families, the government temporarily lowered the value-added tax on energy to 9 percent. This discount is valid until January. There is also an energy allowance of €1,300 for low-income people Available.