A man (55) was found dead in the cemetery of a crime victim

Lijk in beslag genomen vanwege vermoeden misdrijf

Police are investigating where the body was found.

The man who sunday morning found dead In the Peace and Labor Cemetery on Van Esveldstraat, it was Mahenderprasad Bhagwani, 55 years old. The Suriname Police Corps today reported that the man is suspected of murder.

Investigators from the Major Crimes Department and the local police rushed to the scene after receiving a tip-off from the command center. There they found Mahinderpersad lying on his back along a corridor in the cemetery. A doctor officially confirmed the man’s death.

Mahinrbsad had abrasions on his back and thigh. On behalf of the Public Prosecution Office of Suriname, the man’s lifeless body is still under investigation for autopsy.

Since then the Mahindrapersad family has become obsolete. No arrests were made in this case. The Major Crimes Department charged with investigating this case. Reports the police.

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