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Who’s talking about elementary school here?

And I learned the little ones as old, primary school is not really representative, but in high school I got (albeit in general, Dutch (1987) made a basic functional spreadsheet, word processor and database use) in 2 Havo, third grade, I also got a turbo pascal . Also on non IT courses in general, this gave both my later schoolmates in MBO and HBO (administrative and technical) an advantage over people who had never seen anything like this, even though they had lessons in WordPerfect, Dbase and Lotus1 -2-3. A spreadsheet is a spreadsheet, and if you smell more than one interface in your life, if you know the basics and know the job you’re looking for, you’ll discover it.

In vocational training, at least around the year 2000, the minimum was set so much (in order to keep as many students enrolled, it seems) that what I received as an MBO3/4 system administration trainee (final training) seemed to have had Less substantial knowledge than a 15-year-old “geek” who can get you off the street that way. During the conversations, mentors indicated to them that they had spent so much time on general things like literacy skills, math, and physics that they saw this as their responsibility, additional education or employer. Of course, good people have also come over the years, and they have this skill set without the paper. Hence “vocational training” has no added value.

So, yes, it would be beneficial for business if schools (such as high school) focus more on (core) digital skills rather than religion, ‘self-expression’ or drawing and music lessons.

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