A major oil discovery in an area known as “Crabadago”

Significante olievondst in gebied bekend als

On Tuesday, the Government of Suriname announced that it had been informed by the management of the Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname NV that a significant oil discovery had occurred in the area known as ‘Krabdagu’. The President noted that there should be a banner on the wall for more good news, and he looks forward to the Final Investment Decision (FID).

Staatsolie management also informed the chief that, along with the previously confirmed amount in the Sapakara Reservoir, it can be assumed that this finding will bring FID closer. There will also be a possibility of greater production than previously planned.

The President recently visited the Apache drilling rig for orientation. There he again emphasized the good cooperation and mutual trust. Soon after his visit comes this good news which is most welcome. What is important now is that it is proven that there are attractive opportunities for this and other stocks in this region. This also opens the door for discussion of other business opportunities

It’s good to know that the so-called “local content” is well prepared. This became more evident after visiting Coldipsing pier. But the collaboration between DP-world, Integra Marina and others will also lead to the lead of the first pillar of the first Surinamese Shore base. The fact that Suriname is preparing is evidenced by the fact that 4 more companies have met the necessary criteria for the construction of a coastal base.

The president notes that increased confidence will increasingly lead to greater investment, which is already apparent. This government clearly has the ambition to give higher priority to gas production in addition to oil. This is partly due to the ever-increasing demand for gas as a result of the war in Eastern Europe. Moreover, gas is an important raw material for making fertilizer, which is of great importance to ensuring global food security.

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