A high salary is not enough to retain employees

A high salary is not enough to retain employees

This is important, because half of the employers have difficulty finding new employees, According to the study The Office of Social and Cultural Planning (SCP) is among several thousand companies. Since the study was conducted at the end of 2020, it is likely that more companies will participate now.

The particular error, the big bump, can be read between the lines in the report. Because companies want a diverse workforce, but they don’t do much to make it happen. For years, only one in six companies has hired a person with a disability. “It is possible, as a result, that the employment potential may remain untapped,” according to the SCP.

The company’s excuse: They don’t have a suitable job for a disabled person. Or companies don’t know they can get government support for them. According to the companies, they should do more to mitigate the faltering job market.

More money for education

At the top of the wish list, the government should allocate more money to educating and training people. Which, according to the companies, would also help: lower taxes on work and social security contributions. Companies would like to bear a smaller share of absenteeism and disability costs.

At AWVN, they don’t quite match the picture that SCP paints. Three-quarters of the collective labor agreements that are made contain agreements about keeping people in work longer and making work more attractive, says Raymond Potts, AWVN’s general manager.

Work pressure is a big problem

He understands that employers need to do more to ensure that the job market remains “viable” in the years to come. This is also necessary to reduce the workload, caused in part by the consequences of corona. High work pressure is a problem in four out of ten organizations.

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About half of employers are concerned with psychological complaints, such as excessive stress or burnout. Potts says this workload could be eased if the Dutch worked longer hours. “We work just over 30 hours a week, which puts us in the vault of the European average.”

“We don’t have to work any harder,” he continues. “Can you modify the lists, can you organize the work differently or can you work from home more,” Puts lists some possible solutions. “We will have to deploy all the resources.”

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