A Guyanese national who was shot dead in Suriname was a wanted criminal

A Guyanese national who was shot dead in Suriname was a wanted criminal

The man who was shot dead in a car near an apartment in Busrenstraat in Suriname on Sunday morning was a 26-year-old Guyanese known as Shemar Wilson.

He was wanted by the Guyanese police for allegedly throwing a grenade at the owner’s car of Kaieteur News in 2016. Chamar is also wanted by the French police since October 2022. He was likely involved in a murder after which he fled to Suriname.

According to eyewitnesses, suspicious persons have been spotted in the immediate vicinity of the apartment since last night. In search of the right moment this morning, the gunman fired several shots at the car in which Shamar was sitting.

The victim sustained gunshot wounds to the head, abdomen, chest, arms and legs. After the act, the shooter got into a car and fled towards Qatawij.

Little is known about the motive for the shooting. An English-speaking woman with whom Shemar was in the car was taken to the police station for investigation. The case has been referred to the Suriname Police Major Crimes Department, which will continue to investigate.

Waterkant.Net learned from residents that after the shooting, two people were in the victim’s car and may have left with a large sum of money.

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