A documentary about the American city “Morocco” premiered in the United States

A documentary about the American city "Morocco" premiered in the United States

March 6, 2023 – 11:00 – Culture


The Pulitzer Center in Washington this week premiered a short documentary called ‘Morocco, Morocco’ about the Moroccan origins of a small town in the state of Indiana.

‘Morocco, Morocco’ tells the story of a rider in 1851 with red leather shoes. The man was from Morocco. He approached two men who were working in the fields in an area in Central America. There must be a city they haven’t named yet. That’s why the horseman’s image is now on the city’s welcome sign.

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The film highlights the 171-year relationship between the Indiana farming community and the kingdom, and shows the way of life in the American heartland of Morocco. In the documentary, a local doctor, a sheriff, a tattoo artist, a farmer and Moroccan children talk.

Speaking after the film’s screening in Indiana, Chicago journalist and director Jackie Spinner said, “The film seeks to understand the relationship between the Moroccan city and the Moroccan country.” Many journalists, university professors and members of the Moroccan community in the United States attended.

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Spinner says he came up with the idea for the film in 2019 when he returned home to Chicago with his two Moroccan-born sons. Map. “After spotting a town in Indiana called Morocco on a map, I decided to stop there one morning,” he said. Two scenes for the 28-minute documentary were shot in Morocco.

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