June 6, 2023

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A comedy about Bilmer that provokes outrage and moves to a fictional place

A comedy about Bilmer that provokes outrage and moves to a fictional place

Ganzenhoefflat in Bijlmer.Eva Beliver Statue

The film tells the story of the Van Campen family, a wealthy family of “Te Joy”. Due to a risky investment, the family loses its entire wealth. They are forced to live in Belmer, where the family must learn to integrate. This is a major ordeal, according to the makers.

The announcement of the movie, starring comedian Leo Alkeddi, sparked a storm of criticism on social media. Comedian Sondos Al Ahmadi angrily stated that “Biglmer is not an ordeal, and certainly not a punishment if you are not well. Fortunately, a new generation of directors is telling different stories.

The former MP Ama Ashanti also complained to AT5† A PvdA celebrity said: “The ad is riddled with bias, negativity and stigma.” “De Bijlmer and its residents don’t deserve this, very good things happen. These kinds of images must contrast. I grew up there myself and suffered from a bad image for a long time. A movie like that could mean a few steps back.”

imaginary place

According to The Independent, the filmmakers were shocked by the outpouring of criticism. This is why Gooi and Bijlmer are not mentioned in the movie. It will be shooting this summer. The film is scheduled to hit theaters at the end of 2022.

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