A 85-year-old man is on the street in central Paris for 9 hours and dies “due to the indifference of passersby” | abroad

A 85-year-old man is on the street in central Paris for 9 hours and dies "due to the indifference of passersby" |  abroad

According to the Guardian, the photographer is René Robert, the Franco-Swiss photographer best known for his flamenco dancers. The old man took a walk on Wednesday evening near the Rue de Torbigo in the French capital where he lived. Around nine in the morning, Robert became ill, causing him to fall.

After several passers-by passed the man, there was finally a homeless person who rang the bell when he saw Robert lying on the sidewalk. However, the man developed so low a temperature that he died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

Michele Momponti says his friend died “of indifference”. “If this terrible death could have any benefit, it would be this: When a human is on the doorstep, we should check on him or her — no matter how busy we are. Let’s think about that for a moment,” he wrote on Twitter.

The text continues below the tweet.

The death of the photographer sparks outrage in France. For example, the French newspaper Le Figaro wrote that Robert died “of indifference.” French channel RTL reported that the man died among “indifferent passers-by”.

Homeless savior

Mompontet says he would like to know who the man is who cares about Robert. It was a homeless person who eventually took the initiative, he says: “He was the only one who bothered to save him, even though it was too late.” On the other hand, Mompontet admits that he himself is not sure if he will stop when he sees a man lying on the ground. He asks, “Have I never walked away from a homeless person lying in front of the door?”

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