85-year-old robbery victim: ‘Take everything with you, but don’t abuse us’


A couple and their gardener were overpowered by five masked and armed criminals on Friday morning around 07:00. This happened in a house on Anton Dragtenweg in Suriname.

In a conversation with Waterkant.Net, Mr. RH, 85, said the gardener called them to suggest their dogs had been poisoned. His wife came out to take a closer look. At that moment, one of the robbers grabbed her and pulled her inside.

The owner of the house said, “Take everything with you, but don’t mistreat us.”

Once inside, the robbers ransacked all the rooms in the house. They made jewelry worth half a million US dollars, three expensive watches with diamonds, 20,000 Surinamese dollars, 6,000 US dollars and 5,000 euros.

After the act, the perpetrators left the scene. It is not known how they got in and out of the place.

The robbers left the 42-year-old woman home gagged. She freed herself. The gardener was also left gagged outside. His employer released him.

Geyersvlijt police were on site to carry out an investigation. The additional investigation has been handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department. There is still no trace of the perpetrators.

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