April 2, 2023

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54 cm ear, this is Simba goat from Pakistan

54 cm ear, this is Simba goat from Pakistan

Meet Simba, the goat with arguably the longest ears in the world. Perhaps, because there is no category for it in the Guinness Book of Records. But with his 54 cm long ears, Simba roams the world.

Simba lives in Pakistan and is owned by educator Muhammad Hassan Narijo. He told Voice of America media that Simba’s ears were already very long at birth a month ago. But it didn’t stop there.

Not always fun

They have continued to grow, to the current 54 cm. “Within 12 days, Simba has already been featured in many national and international media,” says Narijo.

A sip of milk for Simba.


Lovely, all the attention, but you can imagine that there are also major drawbacks to long ears. Just see how Simba’s ears are dangling, great trip not far.

Fellow breeder

Narejo thought of something. Sometimes the breeder attaches Simba’s ears to his back, but he has already made a strap so that the goat’s ears can hang in it.

Another problem: fellow breeders are jealous. Narejo says he is praying that no one comes with wrong intentions. “We recite Quranic verses to keep out those with bad intentions,” he told AFP.

around the world

Narejo has big plans for the future. Simba must conquer the world. If it were up to him, the goats would ensure Pakistan earns the image of the world leader in goat farming. “Simba’s name should float around the world.”

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