5 things we already know about smartphones

5 things we already know about smartphones

It looks like a Samsung Galaxy S22, anyway in Europe, to be the first major smartphone release in 2022. But what can we say about its arrival almost a month ago?

Over the past few months, we’ve been practically tossed to death with rumors, leakers, and vague hints. That is why we will already have a good idea of ​​what the smartphone has to offer us in January 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S22: These 5 things we know

The Samsung Galaxy S22 likely has a lot to offer consumers. After many rumors and leaks, we think we already know the following five things:

#1 Three different devices

There are many things that remain in doubt when we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S22. The fact that the new Main Series consists of three devices is not one of them. Just like the past two years, we will also be happy in 2022 with two equivalent devices and an absolute flagship.

Where the Samsung Galaxy S22+ is a more physical representation of the Galaxy S22, it will take a lot more. But more about that in third.

#2 Samsung Galaxy S22 in februari

It is now firmly established that the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be presented next month. At least at the time of writing of course. By the time you read this February post, it’s already time. The Galaxy S22 series will undoubtedly see the light of day in February. Several sources have already mentioned this.

On Monday, January 10, additional information was added. According to South Korean media, we can expect an event to be revealed on February 8. This means that the main series can be pre-ordered from February 9, these orders will be shipped from February 21, and will be in stores from February 24.

#3 The Galaxy Note is back!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will personally ensure the return of the Galaxy Note in 2022. After a year’s absence, Samsung’s most impressive device has been brought back to life. This time only under a different name.

The choice of color and design both ensure that consumers can start with a very distinct form factor. The device, except for the camera system, looks like the Galaxy Note 20. And yes, the device comes with an S-Pen and all.

Samsung Galaxy S22
LetsGoDigital’s Leaked Images (Photo: LetsGoDigital)

#4 Samsung Galaxy S22 1TB Storage

Galaxy S22 Ultra, the most advanced device of the flagship series, follows the best models of Apple. Since the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are now equipped with a 1TB storage option, that will certainly be the case with the Galaxy S22. I can’t say much about her. Aside from the fact that this unfortunately has a flaw, then.

#5 Expensive joke

Samsung Galaxy S22 will be able to offer a lot to the consumer. This is also possible, because it will cost a lot of money. Smartphones haven’t gotten much cheaper over the years, and unfortunately 2022 will be no different. At least if we are to believe the rumors in the corridors.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Pricing Leaked (And It’s Not Good News)

Curious about prices? Be sure to read the article via the link above.

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Samsung Galaxy S22: 5 things we already know about smartphones

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