5 stars: The latest album from Vrienten, Kooymans and De Groot hits hard | Music reviews

5 stars: The latest album from Vrienten, Kooymans and De Groot hits hard |  Music reviews

reviewStrange Kostgangers’ third and final album is memorable not only because of the circumstances. Henie Frentin, Georg Koemans and Baudouin de Groot could not have done better.

Strange Lodgers – The Fog

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We are too old to die young / But we are too young to die. Although there is a lot of competition fogThis is the most beautiful line from Strange Boarders’ finale album. Boudewijn de Groot sings it, in a recording peppered with mostly unintentional allusions to the sad circumstances in which the trio got stuck.

fog It’s guaranteed to be this company’s last record and that knowledge can make a nice critical listen up front, almost as a sign of pity. Now this is the last thing the strangers themselves are waiting for and they don’t need it at all. The thirteen songs written by Henie Frentin, Georg Koemans and Baudouin de Groot have enough power to persuade.

Of course, some scripts now come off much more difficult than if it weren’t for the trio’s fault, which has been incomplete since Henny Vrienten’s death last year and was also affected by George Kooymans’ terrible terminal illness. For example, the listener hears Vriten sing that he still has a lot to do and time is short. So are the words of Thi Lao Love knows no time Get an extra load of Kooymans mouth: If I knew where it was all going / I wouldn’t do it any other way. And what must it feel like when Kooymans an uptempo rocker Fender Strat He sings about his love for guitars when he can no longer play them?

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tenderness of heart

The album is full of reflections, nostalgia and reflections, but it also has a pleasant lightness, which is most clearly reflected in two songs by Vrienten: a little bit of time And the conclusion Tell me. Nowhere does it get bleak or the scales tip over too heavy. opening number fog is a neatly arranged ballad with Vrienten in the lead role. All the songs on the album are pleasant to listen to, as with all the songs on the album, the musical accompaniment is pleasant and practical.

For example, Strange Kostgangers’ latest album, which started in 2016, has no weaknesses and it’s hard to pinpoint the highlights due to the high quality range. Not to be forgotten is undoubtedly the crisp sound of the Kooymans op The closer you getbut also I play the guitar It should not be left alone. It’s a song sung by De Groot, which is still subdued and pays off when Kooymans joins in with the last guitar solo he ever played. Beautiful.

Strange limits. © RV

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