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Recently, after 7 years of using powerful Oneplus devices, I switched to Samsung. Previously, I had never thought of this due to the stories about bloatware, but I think it’s really not that bad. You can easily remove almost all spam and if you really want to get rid of everything, you can go crazy with ADB without root. Here too simple Online tools for† But this is not necessary in principle, so you just delete most apps normally. Only if your stuff like Bixby is fading out, should you start via ADB. Bixby Actions is just a great job and offers added value. Other than that I don’t use it.

OneUI is also very fun to use and has been greatly improved compared to the past. I’m still using Nova Launcher, but that’s quite out of the ordinary. The only thing that Samsug could improve is the animations, they could be faster in my opinion. Moreover, Samsung brings a lot of quality of life and settings improvements on top of Android. I even like Samsung in terms of software better than the Pixel 6 Pro I owned before. Stock Android always looks great, but Samsung knows how to do some nice things with OneUI. The 5 year new updates policy is not inferior to the Google Pixel, I get monthly security patches and regular feature updates (the device is relatively new, so feature updates will drop at some point).

Samsung simply offers a number of very powerful devices across the entire price segment, from entry-level to mid-range to high-end. The build quality is always good, the OLED panels are top notch (which can be found in almost every device), the cameras are sharp and nowadays the software is also well under control. Charging can be a little faster, especially if you are familiar with Chinese phones like Oneplus. I would also prefer to have the Snapdragon version, but Exynos is definitely not wrong. Finally, I don’t do anything with the Galaxy Store or Samsung’s own apps (calendar etc.). So I removed it and/or put it into deep sleep mode.

But this is a satisfied switch to S22 Ultra †

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