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UL Solutions, the maker of 3DMark, has released Steel Nomad, a cross-platform benchmark aimed at testing how powerful GPUs can process… Raster graphicsThis is without using ray tracing kernels. Steel Nomad follows the Time Spy standard.

It was nomadic steel According to UL solutions Because the current Time Spy standard is very outdated. This benchmark, released in 2016, was often bottlenecked by the CPU rather than the GPU. As a result, the test has become less suitable for testing modern GPUs. Since its introduction, nearly 48 million reference results have been published using Time Spy, according to UL Solutions.

The Steel Nomad benchmark runs at native 4K resolution and uses “more modern implementations of GPU technologies.” According to UL Solutions, the standard is “about three times heavier than Time Spy and about seven times heavier than Fire Strike.”

The benchmark was released this week for Windows and the Arm version of Windows, and uses the DirectX 12 or Vulkan APIs. In addition, the standard can be used on Android with Vulkan and on iOS with Metal. UL Solutions says it will release the standard later this year for more APIs and platforms, including macOS. Linux users will have to “wait longer,” says UL Solutions.

Set in a sci-fi, desert setting, Steel Nomad features sound and sound Easter eggs. The standard has a lite version for less powerful computers. It will be available for free to 3DMark buyers and will sit alongside the Speed ​​Way, Port Royal, and Solar Bay ray tracing benchmarks.

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