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343 Industries acknowledges the issues of matchmaking for the big team battle modes in Halo: Infinite. The developer is working on a solution, but says it needs at least until January 2022 for this.

When starting Big Team Battle matches in Halo: Infinite’s multiplayer, players face many obvious bugs and errors. This problem has persisted for several weeks, but is remarkable enough during that beta Not. 343 Industries Name Problems “Complicated” and states that they are working hard to come up with a solution, but also have to “recharge” during the holidays after a busy year. The developer will tell you more when “everyone is back from a short vacation”.

The company recently made several attempts to resolve the issues, including disabling the ability to access the server after the game has already started. Also, the maximum number of players per team has been reduced from 12 to 10. Both changes did not solve the persistent matching issue and were therefore rolled back.

Multiplayer modes with fewer players don’t seem to be affected by bugs. Until a solution is found, 343 Industries advises players to enter Big Team Battle games alone and not in large teams. While this is not a guarantee of error-free access, individual players will have a greater chance of success than combos.

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