33 US states have sued Meta for harming young people

Staten VS klagen Meta aan

1. Meta has been sued by 33 US states for causing psychological harm to young people

Meta has to appear in federal court in California because of a joint complaint by 33 states. They believe the company is exploiting young users for profit through its social platforms Facebook and Instagram, and showing them harmful content, reports said. Bloomberg. There are now hundreds of lawsuits against the companies behind social media in the US. TikTok, Google and Snap are responsible for users’ mental health issues.

2. Spain also wants to tax banks more

Spain wants to follow Netherlands: A potential government coalition of left-wing parties wants significant profits from the country’s banks overload. Several countries are considering the move after financial institutions made significant gains due to steep interest rate hikes by the European Central Bank. The ECB offers an interest rate of 4.5 percent. Banks offer significantly lower returns on savings to their customers.

3. Elon Musk’s SpaceX launches European satellites for the first time

SpaceX is launching four navigation satellites for the Galileo navigation network for ESA. With its own Ariane 6 rocket still unfinished, the European Space Agency has sought help from Elon Musk’s company. It writes that European member states and the European Commission still need to give final approval The Wall Street Journal.

4. Despite a tight labor market, the Randstad sees a decline in the number of temporary workers

Despite an even tighter labor market, fewer temporary workers were employed Randstad. In the Netherlands it fell from 63,000 to 51,000 employees, nearly 20 percent. The contraction is mainly in sectors where people were in high demand last year after the corona crisis, such as transport and logistics and e-commerce. However, decline can also be seen in the IT and financial sectors.

Strike: The number of vacancies is increasing. “That doesn’t mean there’s growth in employment,” says Jeroen Thiel, CEO of Randstad Group Netherlands. ‘It takes a lot more effort to find the right people at the right time for PV Netherlands.’

5. JetBlue wants to ban KLM from flying to JFK New York

Airline JetBlue has called for KLM to be banned from New York’s JFK airport. The US budget airline fears it will soon be unable to fly to Schiphol after proposed cuts the Dutch government wants to implement at Schiphol and called the retaliation ‘disproportionate’ in a press release. Last month, JetBlue urged Washington to retaliate against the Schiphol ban by giving KLM less space at US airports.

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6. Must Listen: 1973 Oil Crisis and Lessons for Today

And fifty years ago there was a war in the Middle East. Support for Israel later led to oil boycotts against the likes of the US and the Netherlands. The 1973 oil crisis was a reality. On Sundays with no car and petrol in the rate. Jacques de Jong was a young economic affairs officer all the time: in the crisis committee, the establishment of the International Energy Agency and the negotiations with OPEC. Podcast Studio Energy Currently looking for lessons.

7. In the coffee machine: Primark greenwashing criticized

Sustainability claims primary symbol Misrepresentations in advertisements. The Ad Code team made the announcement after investigating six claims following a complaint by fashion journalist Sarah Dupeldam. Complaints about texts like ‘Reduce CO2 emissions by 50 per cent’. So the planet can breathe freely’ and ‘organic, recycled, sustainable and affordable cotton’. This gives a false impression of Primark’s current situation, while it is intended for the future, the group said.

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