A donation jar for the SHSU Food Pantry. The Food Pantry at SHSU is in need of donations and volunteers to continue to relieve students' food insecurity. Elisabeth Wilson, The Houstonian, 10/5/17

SHSU Food Pantry readjusting to new semester

Sam Houston State University’s Food Pantry is looking to double in size by the end of this semester after a recent decline in volunteers. The Sammy Award winning organization is currently lacking committed members, and according to President...


Faculty Senate and SGA Updates

Congratulations students, you have officially made it halfway through the Fall 2017 semester. While students have been working hard studying, the governing bodies at Sam have been pursuing goals to help make all the things outside the classroom run...

townshend acts

Explainer: GOP Tax Reform

This week the Explainer is looking at the Republican Tax plan: what it is, how it may be passed and possible effects. From the beginning, it’s important to state that the plan seems very unlikely to pass without some significant changes. The...


SHSU expects minimal changes from new bill

A new state law went into effect last month requiring public high schools, new drivers and police officers to receive training in how to act during police interactions. Senate Bill 30, which was proposed shortly after the controversial death of...


Fact Check: Crime rates steady with campus growth

The Houstonian’s fact check series explores issues of contention around campus. Campus crime rates take the spotlight in the second installment. Note: All numbers were recorded from each university’s annual crime report logs from 2016. Crime...

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