Internship fee waivers under review by university

Jacob Ratliff is a senior criminal justice major with nine credit hours left at Sam Houston State University. He enrolled in an internship program with Richardson Police Department, near Dallas, to complete his last nine hours and graduate in...


Title IX Compliance

Students and faculty of Sam Houston State University received a campus-wide email yesterday regarding the university’s compliance with Title IX. Title IX, part of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal law which offers the protection of...


Students march music’s ‘major league’

Hearts pounding, sweat bursting through pores and the sun unmercifully beating down while hundreds of feet march in sync to both the beat of the drums and the movement of the drum major’s hands. This is no longer high school marching bands under...


Mass Comm students take grammar test

Mass communication majors and minors were quite confused upon checking their Degree Works page at the beginning of the semester. An extra class was added to each student’s Blackboard profiles, raising many questions and concerns for faculty and...


SHSU warns students of

Sam Houston State University faculty are warning students to avoid, an invitation-only group which the university claims is deceptive and misleading. Gene Young, Ph.D., Dean of SHSU’s Honors College, warned students to keep...


Professor appointed to forensics committee

A look inside the chemistry and forensic science building at Sam Houston State University mirrors the set of crime shows like CSI or Bones. To forensic science professor Sarah Kerrigan though, these college labs will now be the place of extensive...

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