‘Real Talk w/CJ’ to Cover Safety Security

The Sam Houston State University School of Criminal Justice will host the first edition of Real Talks with Criminal Justice of the school year tomorrow. This talk will be headlined by SHSU alum Mike Coates, who graduated with a Master’s degree in...


Public Safety Services to Host Third Annual Bash

The Sam Houston State Department of Public Safety Services is hosting the third annual Kats Safety Bash today at 6 p.m. in the Bowers Stadium parking lot. September is National Campus Safety Month, and UPD is partnering with over 40 different safety...


Sexual Disease Outbreak at SHSU

The number of positive STD and STI cases at Sam Houston State University are on a rapid incline this school year. With these numbers on the rise and students at high risk, it is encouraged that students utilize the Student Health Center for STD and...


SHSU Election Update: Students’ View

The 2016 Presidential election has been one of the most untraditional and most divisive in recent memory. Starting from a field of 12 candidates in the GOP, Donald Trump was able to prevail despite controversy surrounding his campaign from the...

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Former CNN Reporter Reflects on 9/11

This Sunday was the 15 Anniversary for the September 11 attacks in America. Sam Houston State University’s Executive Director of the Global Center for Journalism and Democracy Kelli Arena was a reporter for CNN and in Washington DC on that day 15...


SHSU Faculty, Staff LGBTQI* Network Continues

The Sam Houston State University faculty and staff hosted their first LGBTQI* Network Mixer of the school year last night. Any SHSU professionals who identify as LGBTQI* were invited to attend. There are four co- coordinators for the network made up...

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