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Oscar statuettes are displayed at Times Square Studios 23 January 2006 in New York. The statuettes will be presented to winners of the 78th Academy Awards 05 March 2006 in Hollywood.

The 89th Oscars

This past Sunday was the biggest night for filmmakers; the 89th Academy Awards came with many surprises. This year’s host was Jimmy Kimmel who brought his late night comedic bits and charm which made this year’s Oscars feel memorable. From...


Get Out: Review

First-time director Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” is deliciously audacious, blending racial satire with brutal common sense and on-edge terror that is normally not seen in present-day horror films. Peele, who is well-known for starring in comedic...


For Honor Review

In For Honor you are able to choose from one of three factions that the game centers around: Vikings, Knights and Samurai. In this combat-styled, strategy based game, any mistake that you make can lead to your demise. Quick precision and alertness...

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Ani DiFranco: Artist Extraordinaire

Ani Difranco is a feminist icon, singer, song writer, poet and activist that is considered by some to be a living legend. Her genre style includes a diverse sound of folk rock, alternative and punk. Her voice captures many around the world, like a...


Alumni Life Member Celebration

The seventh annual Life Member Celebration was held this Saturday Feb. 25 at J.W. Marriott Houston Downtown. The Sam Houston State University Alumni Association hosted the event to honor all the newest Life Members in the Alumni Association. All new...


“Ben-Hur” Review; Done That

The gladiator-esque tone of bloody vengeance and historically gritty battles may have drawn you in to watch “Ben-Hur”, but do not be fooled. The film’s choppy editing and boring exposition made it difficult to continue watching. The film may...

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