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Syfy’s Channel Zero Episode 1 and 2 review

Syfy’s critically-acclaimed anthology series “Channel Zero” snares its prey in a web of psychological disparity, unnerving bouts of silence, and confounding cinematic angles in its already refreshingly nightmarish follow-up second season...


Sports Video Games Better Than Ever

The fall video game hype is upon us again, and many have not been disappointed. “Madden 18” came out in late August and is widely regarded as the best game EA has produced. “2K18”, the basketball equivalent has also brought in a revival to...


Review for The Confession Tapes

In the justice system of America, a confession is one of many legal tools in the prosecution of crimes. What if the confession was false, or simply coerced? These scenarios are presented within “The Confession Tapes”, a 2017 documentary series...


Macklemore’s Gemini Review

On Sept. 26, Macklemore released “Gemini”, an eclectic mix of tracks that are the artist’s first release since a break with long time producer Ryan Lewis. Macklemore has a history of self-production beginning back in 2000 with a mixtape titled...


“Give More Love” Album review

Ringo Starr’s “Give More Love” came out earlier this year. The 14-song album was released in celebration of Starr’s 77 birthday. Starr is best known as the drummer for The Beatles, and although The Beatles’ days have passed, Starr has...

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