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“S-Town” Review: Premier Podcasting

On Tuesday, March 28 the team from “This American Life” and “Serial” released their new podcast, S-Town. This piece was an experiment, as the team usually follows a week-by-week platform. S-Town was released all at once, encouraging eager...


Chuck Berry’s Legacy

Chuck Berry, known as the “father of rock and roll,” passed away March 18, 2017. He was a true legend and introduced a new sound to the world. He was a worldwide influence for a diverse group of artists. His grievance was much spread across the...


National Book Awards come to SHSU

Every year in the US hundreds of novels are published, some are good, some are awful, but there are always those special few that are spectacular and make their audience not only think, but also feel. Out of those hundreds of books, every year 20...

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SHSU Creates: Garrett Sheaffer on Writing and Film

Fiction is viewed in many different lights. Some consider it a useless distraction, most engage in books or films as a harmless pastime, while others believe it develops perceptive minds and empathetic souls. Despite these views, or perhaps because...


Drake’s More Life: Review

Drake’s new 22 song album, More Life, was released March 18. This creative project made up for disappointing albums before it, featuring Fake Love and British beats. Longtime fans might have found their first listen a bit stressful, weighing past...

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Humans at Sam: Alexis Myer

“I knew right off the bat that teaching history was what I wanted to do with my life,” Alexis Myer said. Myer is a transfer student from Lone Star college, with a major in history and a minor in political science. Her mother, who was also a...

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