Campus Culture

Laura Avery

Broadway Performer Returns to Sam for Hairspray

This April the SHSU Department of Theatre and Musical Theatre will be producing the Broadway blockbuster ‘Hairspray’, but students may not realize the prestige and experience behind the show. Greg Graham has led a prolific career, and the...


Amazon Launches Suite of Pilot Episodes

It’s that time of year again, Amazon’s Pilot Season. Amazon releases a set of pilots and Amazon Prime Members get to vote on the next Amazon Original series. This year Amazon has released five pilots, four of them are comedies and one is a...


SHSU Creates: Jordan Kearney

Introversion is not a disease. It is an often misunderstood personality trait that can stem from shyness, insecurities, or mere social preference. Introverts are not bored. They are not stuck up. They are not antisocial. They just have a low...


Kendrick Lamar Ready for a Come Up

Kendrick Lamar is a rap artist from Compton, California, and his first official album was released in 2011. At this point he has gained a respected reputation and a successful fan base. His songs since then have garnered a larger and larger fan base...


Humans At Sam: Horticulturist Asia Gillespie

Every day, Asia Gillespie spends more time outside than inside – and she likes it that way. “I am always moving about outside.” Gillespie said. “Watering plants in the greenhouse, weeding, planting, and transplanting.” The weather...


“Let Them Drum” Offers Community

Ralph Hicks was watching a Texans game while trying to communicate with his nephew, Luke, who is on the Autism Spectrum. Eye contact and verbal communication weren’t working with him so Hicks drummed on his leg. Luke repeated the sound and all of...

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