Security Studies says hello to The Woodlands Center

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New changes are coming to Sam Houston State University’s Department of Security Studies this fall semester. The master’s program will move location from the main campus to The Woodlands Center.

“It will make the program more accessible to homeland security practitioners in the greater Houston area,” said Chair of the Department of Security Studies Nadav Morag.

The security studies program now has nearly 100 students enrolled. The change of location according to Morag will help these students interact with professionals working in the field.

“The desire to increase the number of students who already work in the homeland security field and are looking to advance into leadership positions and the desire to provide a significant benefit to traditional students by allowing them to interact with professionals working in the field lead to this change,” Morag said.

Currently, the Department of Security Studies provides graduate courses through online or face-to-face classes. The program has been working on making the two options more joined.

“Students based in the Huntsville-Houston area will be able to choose between any combination of online and face-to-face classes, based on their needs and work schedules,” Morag said. “In the past the online program and face-to-face program were strictly separate. We have now integrated the two programs in order to allow students that are based in the area to pick and choose between these two instructional modalities.”

In the fall, the master’s program will continue to offer classes in Huntsville for current second year master students, as well as undergraduate classes for the homeland security studies minor.

The department plans on offering an undergraduate degree in homeland security studies in the future since there has been a rise in number of students signing up for security studies classes and the minor.

Morag sees the future of the Homeland Security Studies master’s program expanding to include certificates and specializations in energy preparedness and security and health system preparedness and security.