Student Government Association To Rewrite Constitution

10 months ago Comments Off on Student Government Association To Rewrite Constitution

For the first time in many years, the Sam Houston State University Student Government Association constitution is being rewritten in its entirety rather than simply revised and updated.

Consisting of the President, Vice President, and other Senate members of SGA, the Governing Documents Committee is implementing alterations to SGA that will more than likely affect the entire SHSU Student Body.

“This newly drafted constitution may not make largely visible changes immediately,” said the Chair of the Governing Documents Committee Rhys Blavier. “Within five years the entire SGA organization will be changed for the better.”

Though some articles and their perspective sections will remain standing, new articles and specifications of duties are being added to accommodate changes in SGA.

“The executive and legislative branches will finally be specifically addressed within the document,” said member of the SGA Governing Documents Committee Chloe Henze.

The proposed document will be presented twice before the SGA Senate in the coming weeks. After this, the Governing Documents Committee will meet again and make edits to the document

Later, on April 19 and April 20 during SGA Elections, the proposed constitution will be up for ratification on behalf of the SGA student body.