SMMC To Provide Students With Loan Tips

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The Student Money Management Center will host the “How to Pay Your Student Loans” workshop at the Lowman Student Center Theatre today from 6 to 7 p.m.

The goal of the workshop is to help students close to graduation discover solutions to repaying student loans.

Patsy Collins, director of the student money management center expects that the information that will be at the event will be new to students, such as how to find out how many loan they have and tuition rebate.

“Students haven’t had to work with repaying their loans yet, so all of that information is going to be new to them,” Collins said. “Some students also don’t know how to find out how much they have in loans.”

One piece of new information students will get is information on the Texas tuition rebate.

“Texas has the tuition rebate and we tell them what they qualify for, what they have to do to qualify for it, and how they can make a claim to this rebate because the rebate is a thousand dollar and if you have students loans, it will pay the first thousand dollars towards your student loans.”

According to Collins, she and the SMMC conducted lots of research before the beginning to host the “How to Pay for Your Student Loans” event.

“I used to determine if students were eligible and be interested in making sure that the funds were dispersed to students, but now I’m on a different side where I’m trying to help them figure out how to determine how much they need in loans and then how to pay it back,” Collins said. “I had to do a lot of research and spend a lot of time and talk to servicers to get the details.”

Collins hopes that once students leave the “How to Pay Your Student Loans” session, they will be more informed about how complicated the student loans are and that the SMMC is available to assist them.

“When they leave this session, they’re going to be a lot more informed than they were before they came,” Collins said. “But they will also know that when they leave that if they need help, that the Student Money Management Center is here for them.”