New SGA Sub-Committee Formed, Bill Resent To Administration

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Briauana Augustus, Vice President of the Student Government Associate, led Tuesday night’s meeting while SGA President Jacqueline Bolden and 7 other senate members attended the Huntsville City Council meeting to discuss parking.

Heather Hook, a Sam Houston State University graduate student, and her son Hudson, 2, attended las night’s SGA meeting to advocate for an Early Childhood Education Center. Hook was previously kicked out of a computer lab after publically breastfeeding Hudson.

“I do not want to fail out of my program, because I cannot get access to a computer,” said Hook.

Karla Victor, SGA Chief of Staff, then offered Hook access to the computers in the SGA office.

Senate members approved a motion made by Rhys Blavier, Chief of Rules and Regulations, for the formation of a sub-committee under the Student Affairs that will gather the necessary research for an Early Childhood Education Center.

SGA members voted to resend The Ombudsman Bill from 2016 to administrators a second time after they failed to respond.

“We cannot make them approve our bill, but they should at least have to respond to us,” said Blavier. “We have the right to expect a response.”

SGA members also approved the “Tell Somebody” Resolution, a program on campus which students, staff and faculty would be able to use to report concerns about other students, staff and faculty by calling, texting and/or through a website which is handled promptly by an active committee.

SGA also approved the Texas Student Government Coalition, in which the SHSU SGA will join as a member in good standing of the Texas Student Government Coalition and participate on a state level as they strive to improve effectiveness and influence of Student Government at the Texas Legislature on issues regarding our constituents.

New senate members, Shelsea Arzate, Marie Jhem Gonda and Samuel Lacy were voted into the Student Government Association yesterday. The new members will be inducted in next week’s meeting.

Three other students, Thomas Kuykendall, Noah Ortiz and Thomas Trahen expressed their intent to join in open forum at the end of the meeting.

The Student Government Association holds meeting in the Lowman Student Center room 320 every Tuesday at 6 p.m. Students who are looking to raise awareness and make a difference are encouraged to attend or join.