CHSS, Foreign Languages to Screen Documentary Featuring Muslim Women Living in The South

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Want to get an insight on one of America’s most unheard voices? The College of Humanities and Social Sciences and Department of Foreign Languages will host a screening of “Voices of Muslim Women from the US South” in the CHSS room 110 tomorrow at 5p.m.

The screening of the documentary will showcase Muslim women, their experiences while living in the South. The movie mainly focuses on University of Alabama Muslim women finding their identity in a predominantly Christian society.

The program is organized by CHSS for Women’s History Month. The month of events reflect the effort to bring light to an array of ignored or neglected identities and experiences.

“Muslim women are often portrayed as caricatures, ignoring their true identities,” said Visiting Assistant

Professor of French Siham Bouamer. “The documentary is giving them ‘a voice’ to experience their experiences as woman and as Americans.”

The topic of Muslims and how some Americans view them has been a topic as of more recent times considering the reputation they have from stereotype.

Students who attend this screening will be given a personal insight on how it is to live as a Muslim American in today’s society.

With such acts such as terrorism and violence associated with the Islamic community, this screening will showcase a point of view where that is not what Muslims are about.

“Showing that Islam is an aspect of one’s identity that intersect with many mutual aspects of many other Americans: being a citizen, a student, a daughter, a woman, having faith, etc.,” said Bouamer. “The realization of this communality cannot be forced superficially on someone’s set of beliefs. It should be reached through constant interaction and dialogue.”