Jenkins Speaks to SGA About Student Fees

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Sam Houston State University’s Student Government Association was visited by Associate Vice President Keith Jenkins on Nov. 1. He discussed the many fees that students pay on top of their tuition. He covered Mandatory fees (includes Student Services, Student Center, Technology, Recreation, etc.) and Other fees (includes Audits, Labs, “Three Peat” Tuition, etc.) using amounts for 15 semester credit hours.

“60 percent of all students don’t know what they pay for,” Jenkins said.

Student Money Management Center and Legal Services, are two resource Jenkins named that students pay with
these fees, but do not always fully utilize,

A big concern for students and parents is where does the money they pay to the school go.

As students there are two main ways to find the answer to that question.

One would be to attend open forums on campus that are catered towards students and answering individual question.

Secondly, Jenkins said that school fees and tuitions are public information and can be seen on the school’s Bursar web site. For the figures that he showed the SGA, during his open forum, students can find the same information at

As a parent himself, Jenkins encourages his children to check what exactly the money is going towards and what the university offers with these fees.

“I have a daughter that graduated from Sam last December,” Jenkins said. “I have a son that’s getting ready to graduate from graduate school and I always encourage them: If you’re paying for something, you need to use it. Be aware, there are some great resources here [at SHSU].”

Several SGA members asked questions pertaining to the construction areas and funding for the new lab buildings.

According to Jenkins most of that spending comes from Designated Tuition (infrastructure support) and outside donations, which is not fully coming from the students’ fees.