Delta Xi Nu to Raise Domestic Violence Awareness

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Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority Inc. will host their annual Clothesline project on the yard from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. today. The event is held to promote awareness of domestic violence against women.

“The Clothesline Project is our main event for October,” Programs Chair for Delta Xi Nu Alexandra Limon said. “I like that it is an interactive program that gives students and faculty an opportunity to share their stories, love and support for victims of Domestic Violence.”

Delta Xi Nu began doing the Clothesline Project in Fall of 2011. Since then, other chapters of Delta Xi Nu have adopted the idea to their campuses.

“When we first decided to host the Clothesline Project,” Limon said. “We wanted a program that could bring students together and set us aside from other organizations whose philanthropy is also Domestic Violence Against Women. Recently, other organizations here at Sam have adapted it as well.”

Participants of the Clothesline Project are provided a plain white shirt to decorate in honor or in support of a loved one affected by domestic violence or to tell their own story of an experience with domestic violence. The shirts are then hung up and displayed for the school on a clothesline.

“The Clothesline is a visual testimony of violence against women used to advocate awareness on Domestic Violence,” Limon said. “It advocates awareness of Domestic Violence on our campus and so that students know that this is a big issue that continues to go on.”

All students and faculty are allowed to participate in this event, and there is no fee to participate. Participants may also design more than one shirt.

“Every year we try improving the Clothesline Project,” Limon said. “This year we have received funding from the Campus Life Development Fund.”
According to Limon, this money was used to purchase t-shirts for students to have.

Students will paint on a shirt for Delta Xi Nu’s clothesline, post a picture with it, and use #BearkatsBreakTheSilence. Then, the student will be given a Clothesline Shirt.

“This will help spread awareness via the internet with the hashtag and with the t-shirts,” Limon said. “Students and Faculty can get involved by educating themselves and their community on these issues, and by learning to speak up and not just be a bystander.”

Each year, students and faculty gather to decorate shirts for the clothesline. As people pass by the clothesline full of shirts, they are able to view the designs of those affected by domestic violence.

“We receive good feedback from non-Greek organizations and students who come and participate in our clothesline,” Limon said. “We are looking forward to having a bigger crowd than last year and more shirts to display on our Clothesline Project.”