Scruffy for the struggle.

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Out of respect for anyone with, or survivors of, testicular cancer, I will be taking the initiative this year to promote the month of November as “No Shave November for Testicular Cancer Awareness”.

Thought up two years ago by our former Viewpoints Editor, and my good friend, Bryan Honeycutt-who does not, or did not have testicular cancer-as a reason to purposely grow facial hair, this movement means much more than its original connotations.

As the name implies, it is meant to bring awareness to an epidemic that is sometimes widely overlooked.

Not shaving for an entire month as a means for awareness might seem ridiculous, but it is a lot like running marathons, and is meant to inspire and ultimately give attentiveness to an issue at hand.

While yes, NSNTCA is not a widespread, or even well known event, I strongly urge each male to partake simply because of its symbolic nature.

And like Honeycutt said previously, “this can become a very important non-profit organization at Sam Houston State.”

But the only way that it can become a bigger, more successful event is if additional people start partaking, contributing, and spreading the word about this symbolic movement.

The rules for NSNTCA are simple, and include; shaving on Oct. 31, and not letting a razor, or trimmer, touch your face until Dec. 1.

Like the previous two years I will again let my beard, or what beard I have, grow wild and free through the month of November.

And I encourage anyone and everyone, affiliated with SHSU or not, to play a part in this movement-and more importantly to spread the word.

Because in the end, this is all for a great cause, and we as men should resist shaving for this great cause. Besides, who likes shaving anyway?