Faculty, staff gather to discuss donations

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An awards ceremony and luncheon for the Faculty and Staff Annual Fund Committee was held in the Peabody Memorial Library on Monday Dec. 5 at noon. The event was attended by numerous faculty and staff members and many prestigious members of the university’s administration including Dr. James Gaertner. The committee is responsible for an annual donation drive that takes place in the fall, aiming to increase participation from the faculty and staff as a whole.

“[The] committee is composed of 50 people that represent each of the colleges and divisions,” Assistant Director for Development Cindy R. Truax said. “Our faculty and staff campaign is an annual fund which raises money for SHSU. The money goes towards scholarships and academic programs for the university. It basically helps students.”

The campaign produces the majority of the donations made by faculty and staff for the entire fiscal year. The campaign also progressively becomes more successful, increasing both funds that are raised and overall participation. This year, a goal was made for 45 percent participation but saw an immense jump to 52 percent.

“We are excited for this year because we had such a high percentage of giving,” Truax said. “We had $139,000 this year as of Nov. 18. Faculty and staff will continue to give all year long, but we have this short campaign in the fall to get everyone to donate then. We’re going to do a lot more this fiscal year, but this campaign was excellent. [You don’t know how] important it is when we go out fundraising with our alumni that our faculty and staff support our university [with] a high percent of giving.”

The average donation gift this year was $184 as opposed to last year’s average of $141. Last year, $164,000 was raised overall, a total that the fall committee has almost reached in this campaign alone. This year, there was also 756 donors. The luncheon helped honor those on the committee who produced such tremendous successes. Awards were given out to many organizations for such titles as Highest Participation Increase, Highest Raised Amount, Highest Donor Participation for a College and 100 Percent Participation. The organizations receiving awards included Finance and Operations, Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Business Administration, Student Services, Academic Affairs, Office of the President and University Advancement.

“[The campaign had] magnificent success,” President Dr. James Gaertner said. “This is something that’s done collectively that benefits the entire university. Sometimes it’s important to have tangible measures of how much this university is loved, and the dollars raised is a tangible measure.”